Info-sharing tours

In order to ensure continuous operations and enabling environment for network creation between current and emerging CSOs within the center, the CSSP Strategy envisions a number Capacity Building Study Tours involving the CSSP’s personnel, representatives of CSOs and wider circle of civil society actors.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia (EPF) has been identified as a hosting agency for the first Study Tour of this kind, due to a) EPF’s extensive experience in supporting the development of civil society in Armenia, in particular through the USAID-funded ‘Civil Society Development Program’ (CSO DePo); b) EPF’s close contacts established with diverse civil society institutions in Armenia, including a network of eight EPF-stablished Information Centers (InfoTuns) and other trusted partners located throughout Armenia; c) EPF’s extensive experience in designing and managing peacebuilding initiatives with involvement of local actors from the region of the South Caucasus and beyond.

Main goals of the Study Tour:

  • Learn about EPF’s experience in building its own sustainability (including programme portfolio diversification, team building, fundraising, networking, communication)

  • Learn about the strategies and tools that EPF uses to strengthen the internal capacity of a number of key Armenian CSOs to advance their sustainability and their service provision quality, which will include introduction to effective fundraising and programme management, financial management tips, effective communication, importance of internal procedures, etc.

  • Learn about the best practices of CSOs in Armenia through site-visits to a number of EPF’s InfoTuns and other trusted CSOs that are engaged in developing civil society in Armenia and/or are focusing on issues such as youth work, disability issues, gender issues, etc. 

  • Discuss future opportunities for cooperation between the Center “Prospect” and EPF.

Selection of participants:

Selection of participants was made in a gender-sensitive may, with priority given to women and women/youth-led organizations. Other than that, the participants of the Study Tour have been selected based on the following criteria:


  • The respective local CSO is already running its own center in different regions of Abkhazia and/or the CSO demonstrates an extensive outreach work and/or good potential for launching their own centers;
  • Willingness to apply new knowledge in daily work;
  • Willingness to share information and experience;

Participants of the info-tour visited a number of CSOs:      

  • Armenian Association of Social Workers
  • Armavir Development Center
  • Sakharov Center for Human Rights- Gyumri 
  • Shirak Center – Gyumri 
  • Martuni Women’s Community Center