UNDP with financial support from the EU, has launched a Joint EU-UNDP Civil Society  Support Programme (CSSP) aiming to promote an inclusive, competent and responsive civil  society that effectively serves the needs of people in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, by linking and  diversifying civil society actors, expanding the sectors and communities where civil society  contributes, improving civil society organizations’ operations, and enhancing nnections  between civil society organizations with their stakeholders and beneficiaries. 


The Joint EU-UNDP Civil Society Support Programme was launched in January 2017, for a duration of 2.5 years and pursues the following objectives:


 a) Strengthen CSOs capacities to efficiently and transparently manage operations and increase their effectiveness to address local needs


b)Promote sustainability of CSOs through enhancing civil society connectivity and cooperation.


c) Diversify CSO's sectoral engagement and enhance their capacity for constructive involvement on issues of public concern with communities and stakeholders throughout Abkhazia

Center “Prospect” is a place open to a wide range of public organizations, both functioning and newly registered, for organizations that are planning to register, as well as for initiative groups and individual (individual) activists.

Center “Prospect” functions as a well-equipped modern space for implementation of diverse activities (round tables, presentations, conferences, meetings and discussions). Its main characteristics are Availability and Multifunctionality.

Center “Prospect” is a platform through which initiative people from all over Abkhazia can share experience, develop and implement joint projects. Technical and administrative capabilities of the Center are aimed at developing the capacity of public organizations, improving organizational capabilities and management skills.


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